" A goal without a plan is just a wish. "

– Larry Elder

Implementing a scheduling system as a subcontractor is challenging. It is completely different than the type of scheduling performed by Owners or Prime Contractors and requires a wildly different type of experience and expertise. Subcontractors are focused on specific tasks and do not deal with full scope of the project schedule created by others, typically GC’s. 

PD&H has diverse and extensive experience in helping subcontractors implement an efficient system to manage their projects, including an accurate tracking of GC baseline and monthly schedule updates.

This system summarizes the work to be done, studies the changes and impacts dictated by GC, and makes a resource-loaded schedule to optimize for both cost and time. Our system provides monthly labor/costs estimates and updates Estimate to Complete and Estimate at Completion (ETC & EAC) projections on a monthly basis. We will provide labor projection and update it monthly for work to complete based on GC dates, actual progress to date, and your actual productivity rates.  



Proposal schedule

Baseline schedule

Summary of GC schedule

Monthly changes applies by GC

Sub resource loaded schedule

Monthly updates

Recovery schedule (if needed)

Costs- Labor- Material 


Construction budget 


Labor budget

Material Planning

Actual Progress measures

Productivity assessment 

Schedule Management


Change management

Schedule fragnets

Delay analysis

Claim supports

What if analysis

Schedule forensics
     o Time-Impact-Analysis
     o Cost-Impact-Analysis

Earned Value Management (EVM)


Schedule Variance Analysis

Cost Variance Analysis

Loss or Gain 

Other Services 

Sub-contractor schedules

Look ahead schedules

Monthly or Progress meeting

Monthly reports

Management Reports